Weapons are consumable items that provide effects when used right before Dispatches or Domestic Affairs. Some weapons can have effects both. They are occasionally found in Dispatches and Domestic Affairs, and are also awarded by Duties.

Name Image Combat Administrative
Nikkariaoe にっかり青江 All units offensive power up None
10 Momme Caliber Samurai Musket 十匁玉軍用士筒 None
6 Momme Caliber Musket 六匁玉軍用筒 None
Cross Shuriken 十字手裏剣 None
Tekken 鉄拳 None
Kunai 苦無 None
Bola 微塵 None
Kusarigama 鎖鎌 None
Kabutowari 兜割 None
Jitte 十手 None
Name Image Combat Administrative
Black Laquered 32 Plate Suji Kabuto 黒漆塗三十二間筋兜
Russet Iron Riveted Acorn-shaped Kabuto 鉄錆地椎実形兜
Name Image Combat Administrative
Tea Jar 棗

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