Preface Edit

While designed to be played exclusively via mobile devices situated in Japan, it is possible to bypass those restrictions by following a few simple steps. The following tutorial will show you how.

What you need: Edit

-A VPN (You will only require this for registration. The game can be played without a VPN once these steps have been taken care of)

-A Gree account

-An email address

-A browser addon that spoofs your user agent.

Obtaining and setting up a VPN Edit

The easiest way to obtain a VPN is to head over to VPN Gate, download the client and install it. Run the client after installation and double click on "VPN Gate Public Relay Servers". Select a Japanese VPN from the window that has been open. That's it, you're done.

Bear in mind that this method may only work for Windows systems as I have not attempted this on Mac or UNIX-based machines just yet.

User agent spoofing Edit

A spoofing agent is a plugin/addon for your browser that essentially makes a website believe that the user is accessing it via a mobile device. For the purposes of this tutorial we shall be using cTouch r2 Filesystem for Google Chrome, although any other agent should work just as well. Once you've installed the plugin, set the useragent to an Android or IOS supported device via the plugin's dropdown menu.

Alternatively, players can make use of the Shh Game Viewer extension. It offers the same functionality of a spoofing agent with the added benefit of leaving other websites unaffected.

Signing up for a Gree account Edit

After ensuring that your VPN and spoofing client are both active, use this link to sign up for a Gree account. An email will be sent shorlty afterwards with activation instructions for your shiny new account. Once you've done so, visit the account control panel to make sure that your country of residence is set to Japan (the prefecture does not matter). This is important as you will be barred from playing if your country of residence is set to anything other than glorious nippon Japan.

If you have in any case you have signed up for a Gree account without VPN active, simply activate VPN go to your settings page and change your country of residence to japan.

Getting in game Edit

Now that you've got an account set up, all you need to do in order to access the game's main page and start playing. VPN is no longer needed beyond this stage, but your spoofing agent is, so do not disable it.