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Castle TypesEdit

Icon mountain
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Icon hill
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Icon flatland
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Icon water
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Castle ClassesEdit

Icon spear
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Icon archer
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Icon cavalry
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Specific Castle IconsEdit

Seasons and TimeEdit


Code Description Usage Edit
Castle information block Usage Edit Template
View Castle information block Usage
Flat spear Flatland Spearman
Mountain spear Mountain Spearman
Hill spear Hill Spearman
Water spear Water Spearman
Flat bow Flatland Archer
Mountain bow Mountain Archer
Hill bow Hill Archer
Water bow Water Archer
Flat horse Flatland Cavalry
Mountain horse Mountain Cavalry
Hill horse Hill Cavalry
Water horse Water Cavalry
Night Night Icon
Day Day Icon
Summer Summer Icon
Spring Spring Icon
Winter Winter Icon
Autumn Autumn Icon


Output Code Description
Clear floats, force move onto next line. Useful for floated images.

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