Every Shirohime have signature skills that have different effects, it distinguished with border colours of the skills. In addition,when a shirohime equip a warlord which has a skill ,it also can be used on battle.

  • Red Border means skill that damaging enemies
  • Green Border means skill that heal allies
  • Yellow Border means skill that disable enemies , usually can't move & can't attack for one turn

Skills also distinguished from the scale

Skill Description Range
Normal Damage 800 - 1100
Medium Damage 1000 - 1100
Large Damage 1200 - 1400
Huge Damage 1500 - 2000
Small Heal 9% from ally's Max HP
Normal Heal 20% from ally's Max HP
Medium Heal 27% from ally's Max HP
Large Heal 36% from ally's Max HP
Huge Heal 51% from ally's Max HP
Disable Renders enemy can't move and attack for one turn