Repair is a feature that heals your castles that have been damaged on Dispatches to full health. Repairing Castles costs resources and takes longer time the more damaged they are. To access repair feature Repairinterface1 -> Repairinterface2

initially your repair slot only 1 unlocked, you can get 2 item that unlock repair slot from main quests so the total of slot unlocked will be 3. You can buy additional slot from item mall It 3003 m sp


  • You can bring castle with recovery skill to reduce frequency of repair, but if it's still not full healed at the end of dispatch, it's still need to be repaired
  • You can't repair castle which currently sent on domestic affairs
  • You can't repair castle which undergoing improvement
  • When one of your castle in dispatch / domestic affairs team is undergoing repair, you can't send it to dispatch nor domestic affairs