Renovation allows Castles to become much more powerful and even gain new abilities and change attributes.

Conditions Edit

  1. Castle must be at the minimum level for Renovation.
  2. You must gather the required Renovation materials, found rarely in Dispatches or from the Marketplace.
  3. You must gather the required resources.

After all the conditions are met, a timer will count down to finish the Renovation (which can be rushed).

Image JP Name EN Name Obtained From Season
It 5001 m sp 黒瓦 Black Tile Kanazawa/Kiyosu/Edo/Tsutsujigasaki Spring
It 5002 m sp 銅瓦 Copper Tile Kanazawa/Iga Ueno/Inabayama Summer
It 5003 m sp 赤瓦 Red Tile Iga Ueno/Morioka/Inabayama/Takeda Autumn
It 5004 m sp 銀瓦 Silver Tile Morioka/Sendai/Gassantoda Winter
It 5005 m sp 黒鬼瓦 Black Purugly Shozui Spring
It 5006 m sp 銅鬼瓦 Copper Purugly Shozui/Matsuyama/Shuri Summer
It 5007 m sp 赤鬼瓦 Red Purugly Hara/Kumamoto Autumn
It 5008 m sp 銀鬼瓦 Silver Purugly Hara Winter
It 5009 m sp Spring
It 5010 m sp Summer
It 5011 m sp Autumn
It 5012 m sp Winter
It 5013 m sp 黒の懸魚 Black Kakezakana Kanazawa/Edo/Tsutsujigasaki Spring
It 5014 m sp 木の懸魚 Wood Kakezekana Kanazawa/Iga Ueno/Edo/Inabayama Summer
It 5015 m sp 金の懸魚 Gold Kakezakana Iga Ueno/Morioka/Yoshida/Kasugayama/Tsutsujigasaki Autumn
It 5016 m sp 白の懸魚 White Kakezakana Morioka/Sendai/Hara Winter
It 5017 m sp 黒の蕪懸魚 Black Turnip Kakezakana Shozui Spring
It 5018 m sp 木の蕪懸魚 Wood Turnip Kakezekana Hara/Saga/Kumamoto Summer
It 5019 m sp 金の蕪懸魚 Gold Turnip Kakezakana Hara Autumn
It 5020 m sp 白の蕪懸魚 White Turnip Kakezakana Morioka/Sendai/Hara Winter
It 5021 m sp 黒の飾り金具 Black Ornament Kanazawa/Tsutsujigasaki Spring
It 5022 m sp 銅の飾り金具 Copper Ornament Kanazawa/Iga Ueno/Gassantoda/Shozui/Fukuoka/Inabayama/Shuri/Kumamoto Summer
It 5023 m sp 金の飾り金具 Gold Ornament Iga Ueno/Matsuyama/Hara/Inabayama/Kumamoto Autumn
It 5024 m sp 銀の飾り金具 Silver Ornament Sendai/Kiyosu/Hara Winter
It 5025 m sp Spring
It 5026 m sp Summer
It 5027 m sp Autumn
It 5028 m sp Winter
It 5029 m sp Spring
It 5030 m sp Summer
It 5031 m sp Autumn
It 5032 m sp Winter
It 5033 m sp Spring
It 5034 m sp Summer
It 5035 m sp Autumn
It 5036 m sp Winter
It 5037 m sp ヒノキの大梁 Cypress Wood Kanazawa/Shozui/Edo/Tsutsujigasaki Spring
It 5038 m sp スギの大梁 Cedar Wood Iga Ueno/Shozui/Edo/Inabayama/Shuri/Saga Summer
It 5039 m sp 黒松の大梁 Black Pine Wood Morioka/Iga Ueno/Matsuyama/Toyama/Hara/Kumamoto Autumn
It 5040 m sp 栗の大梁 Chestnut Wood Morioka/Iga Ueno/Hara/Kubota/Matsumae Winter
It 5041 m sp Spring
It 5042 m sp Summer
It 5043 m sp Autumn
It 5044 m sp Winter
It 5045 m sp 入母屋破風 Gambrel Pediment Spring
It 5046 m sp 千鳥破風 Plover Pediment Shozui/Shuri Summer
It 5047 m sp 切妻破風 Gable Pediment Morioka/Iga Ueno/Inabayama/Hara/Kumamoto Autumn
It 5048 m sp 唐破風 Kara Pediment Morioka/Sendai/Matsumae Winter
It 5049 m sp 白漆食 White Stucco Kanazawa Spring
It 5050 m sp Summer
It 5051 m sp 琉球漆喰 Ryukyu Stucco Hara/Matsumoto/Kumamoto Autumn
It 5052 m sp 土佐漆喰 Tosa Stucco Morioka/Sendai/Hara/Kubota Winter
It 5053 m sp ヒノキの下見板 Cypress Board Kanazawa/Kiyosu/Edo/Aizu Wakamatsu/Tsutsujigasaki Spring
It 5054 m sp スギの下見板 Cedar Board Iga Ueno/Inabayama/Koriyama/Shuri Summer
It 5055 m sp 黒松の下見板 Black Pine Board Hara/Saga/Kumamoto Autumn
It 5056 m sp Winter
It 5057 m sp ヒノキの高欄 Cypress Railing Event Drop Spring
It 5058 m sp スギの高欄 Cedar Railing Event Drop Summer
It 5059 m sp 黒松の高欄 Black Pine Railing Event Drop Autumn
It 5060 m sp 栗の高欄 Chestnut Railing Event Drop Winter
It 5061 m sp Spring
It 5062 m sp Summer
It 5063 m sp Autumn
It 5064 m sp Winter