Dispatches are maps that you dispatch Castles to in order to gather resources and defeat the bosses known as Shadow Castles. Maps contain a number of nodes which can contain enemies, items, or nothing at all.  Enemy nodes are rated on performance by 1-5 fans and a score, with a certain total number of fans needed before the boss node can be reached.  Dispatches are separated into the regions of Japan.


  • You can have one of your friend's main hime to join you on a dispatch.
    • A friend can be used once every several hours.
    • For those with no, or lacking friends, random players will be shown.
  • Fan Conditions (Each fulfilled condition grants a fan)
    • Win
    • Fully wipe out enemy
    • No castle dies
    • Use a skill to defeat an enemy (last hit any enemy, not required to be the boss)
    • 700 points or above (having two of each class alive at end of battle gives 700 points)
  • Node Types
    • Red Node - Enemy (battle)
    • Green Node - Item or Materials
    • Purple Node - Lose materials