There are 2 Combat Type , firstly it's Dispatch (PVE) where you fight with enemies and conquer enemy castles , usually the dispatch map contains more than one combat and you'll gain EXP for each combat Second, there's PvP where you fight with other player squad, it's only consist of one combat, you won't gain any EXP, instead you'll get resources.

Combat system in Shirohime is rather unique:

  • Shirohime movement can be straight or diagonal, in some rare cases they can reverse walk
  • You can't control movements of your Shirohime, but you can control when they use skill of not
  • Unit (ally/enemy) with highest agility will move first
  • For every unit you have, you'll get 2 MP if they move, MP is used for skills and you can only stores 100 MP at one dispatch
  • Facility on defending team will affect combat terrain and will attack opposing team
  • Fatigue affects attack damage
  • Every Shirohime have different attack range and will attack enemies nearby until they are killed
  • Every Shirohime have different advantage and disadvantage for type and colour
    • Archer > Spearman > Cavalry > Archer
    • For colours (Hill,Mountain,Flatland and Water) it's not determined (some mountain castles may weak against flatland but some aren't)